Separating Zippers by


Zipper is a truly unique object. You never notice it until one breaks and then it can ruin your entire day.  From minor inconvenience such as a broken zipper on a couch cushion to a major one, such as a fly zipper, there is one place you can go to get the zippers you need.

Zippers from come in a number of varieties guaranteed to meet every need.  While almost all types of zippers can be found on the website, one of the more common items is the separating zippers.

Separating zippers are used in more items than one can imagine.  Most common application is in clothing.  However, separating zippers are also very common in furniture and cloth equipment.

Few other methods of holding the fabric together are better suited for creating a tight seal than a zipper. has all the information you need to pick the best zipper product for your needs.